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Macarons at Butter Avenue

Author: Karen

Original Post: Click Here bakery Toronto

Thanks to @cfooodie and Butter Avenuewho were hosting a contest during the winter holidays, I was able to win myself a box of macarons from Butter Avenue!  Yay!   I had known about and seen this pastisserie that sold macarons and other delicate baked goods many times but and wanted to try them out so this turned out to be the perfect chance to do so!  Thank you again for the lovely gift. ^_^  

On a windy evening where there was freezing rain, I was able to get myself to the Queen and Spadina location of Butter Avenue to pick up my prize.  I had previously logged on to their website where I was able to pick out six flavours of my choice of the French macarons.  The website was very easy to use as well as mobile friendly.  (You could also ask for the six macarons to be chosen for you.)

I chose: SeaSalt Caramel, White Chocolate Strawberry, Toasty Pistachio, Hojicja (Roasted green tea from Uji, Japan), Mont Blanc (Vanilla Chestnut Chocolate), and Berry Punch.

The ladies at the store were quick to hand over my order to me and I tried out the macarons the next day with my mom at home.

Mmm, the macarons were sizable and so delicious!  I loved the little box that they were packed in as well.  Each macarons was carefully nestled inside the box which had individual separators for each macaron for fear it would get crusted.  It was so well protected!  For $14.95 for six macarons, this price was on par with the rest of the other bakeries and patiserries that sold these delicate French pastries in the city.

I really liked these macarons from Butter Avenue!  The shell of the macaron was so soft yet crispy and the buttercream was smooth.  Out of the six flavours that I chose, I loved the White Chocolate Strawberry, Mont Blanc, Berry Bunch, and Hojicja the most.  The SeaSalt Caramel was also good.  I’m not a huge fan of pistachio so I probably should have chosen something else but since that was one of their signature flavours, I did want to try it out too.

While at the store, I admired the rest of their other baked goods too.  They all looked so pretty!  Perhaps next time I’ll try one of these. ^_^

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